quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2013

11/04 - Caught my attention

World's friendliest countries to foreigners. A friend sent the link. Interesting list. Burkina-Faso is a surprise. The lack of The Netherlands also. Agreed on New Zealand.

North Korea risk. One evaluation/opinion.

Soruth Korea and Japan in full alert. (with video)

A fun work place translates into more creativity? (video.)

Louvre closes because of pickpockte gangs. Worrying.

Father of mobile phone discuss the future. (video.)

Test-tube baby pioneer dies.

Syrian rebels & AlQaeda. (opinion piece)

New porcupine species found in Brazil. Because is so hard to find good news about Brazil in the international press.

Poodle or Ferret? Because this news is... weird.

** no post from Friday to Sunday because I'll have a weekend in Auckland. :)  **

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