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24/04 - Caught my attention

Leaving a mile wide but an inch deep.

Girl's gaming credentials. Considering how bullied geeks used (use) to be, being a bully should not be part of of their behaviour. Or, maybe, the bullies in the geek universer aren't geeks themselves, just outsiders without anything else to do and that feel threatned by real geeks (girls or guys).

Not good under pressure (with vide). Not that important, just... funny how illustrade that life in front of a camera isn't that easy.

Same sex marriage aproved in France after violent protests.

Multi-tasking a myth
The truth is that multi-tasking is not, and never has been, real; you cannot carry out two tasks that require a degree of concentration at the same time. You can switch your brain back and forth really quickly between multiple tasks, but you can only engage in one cognitive task at once. For every extra thing you are juggling back and forth, you are making it harder for your brain to work efficiently. The only possible exception to this would be someone with split brain syndrome, whose corpus callosum (which connects the two halves of the brain) is damaged or severed. In rare cases this is done deliberately, for patients who suffer from extremely bad seizures. (Source: Common Misconceptions About Psychology on Listverse.com)

Change perspectives on honoring fallen soldiers. With the changes in how the general public sees the military and wars, honoring fallen soldiers can be a delicate subject. Whiel there are still veterans from WW2, there is respect. But what about the ones that fought in the wars people want to forget (Vietnam, Balkans, Iraq)?

Online power for good or for evil?

Ideas for the future of air travel. No one says anything about shorter trips. :(

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