quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

10/04 - Caught my attention

Wellywood is growing. Let's hope the industry here learn and make it prosper.

House bubble risks. Even if ratings seem more political than economical.

It's art. It's about violence. I think it would be quite an impact to see it in person.

From codebreakers to internet translator tools. Will we one day have the universal translator available?

Bullying it's an old problem worldwide. Responsability should be taught at home. If parents and family can't do that, than the law should. Children do learn by example.

The broadcast industry is finally recognizing the change in viewing habits? Let's hope they decide to offer viable options and not to cling to old models.

Innovation in wool.

Inserting ads on your shows.

The psychology of prejudice.

Google Glass. (video)

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